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I’m Dr. Susan Chi, PhD, clinical psychologist, trauma recovery specialist, and cognitive science researcher.

I help individuals and couples work through trauma, relationship issues, cognitive challenges like ADHD, and academic or professional difficulties.

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Are you seeking a creative and empowering psychologist to accompany you on a journey of insight, healing, and powerful change? Our greatest challenges in life are often opportunities for tremendous personal growth. I take a wholistic approach to therapy and healing that is based on the latest research in neuroscience, mind-body integration, and attachment theory.

Are you ambitious, creative, and dedicated but struggle to give yourself the compassion you give others? Is it hard for you to set boundaries and ask for what you need? Do you feel compelled to be "successful", even though you are on the brink of burnout? Have you hit a wall in your creativity or professional career? Are you trapped in negative relationship cycles with your partner or child? If this resonates, I can help.

I’m a culturally informed and LGBTQ+ affirming therapist who will respect your unique experiences and view of the world. I work closely with clients to uncover, process, and release trauma wounds and self-limiting thoughts and behaviors. Through a gradual healing process, my clients develop new ways of relating to themselves and others that pave the path for healthier relationships, deeper and more meaningful creative and professional practices, and a deeper appreciation for life. I specialize in working with ethnic and cultural minorities and people in creative fields. Most of all, I work best with clients who are ready to invest in themselves.

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Individual Therapy

Everyone deserves their own personalized approach to healing ...

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Couples Therapy

Relationships are as complicated as they are life-sustaining ...

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ADHD Assessment & Coaching

ADHD is associated with executive dysfunction, including impulsivity...

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