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Revitalize Your Relationship: Expert Couples Therapy

Revitalize Your Relationship: Expert Couples Therapy In New York

Revitalize Your Relationship: Expert Couples Therapy In California

Licensed in: California (PSY33145) & New York (025715)
Rates: $360 per 60 minute sessions. Insurance Info

From the moment we are born, we are in relationship with others — our primary attachment figures. An infant’s reliance on their caregivers for survival underscores the necessity of human emotional bonds. Ample research has also shown that these emotional bonds are not only important for early survival, but are essential for flourishing in life. As we grow, this dependence evolves into stronger emotional connections with our partners, creating a key foundation for overcoming life’s obstacles, seizing greater opportunities, and finding genuine fulfillment.

Regrettably, not everyone is privileged to form such healthy bonds from the outset. Childhood trauma often hinders the formation of secure attachments, paving the way for unhealthy relational patterns in adult life. Furthermore, myriad hardships such as infidelity, intimacy issues, financial stress, and histories of trauma or mental health concerns can also tax even the most strong-willed relationships.

But within these hardships lies an extraordinary faculty for healing, recovery, and blossoming. Relationships, when nurtured and focused on, boast an amazing resilience that can restore them to their full potential and beyond. We specialize in facilitating this process for couples at any stage of their relationship, irrespective of their chosen relationship structure.

Our therapy approach, grounded in Emotionally Focused Therapy, inspires a deeper kind of intimacy and understanding. We help guide partners to foster secure emotional and sexual bonds, weaving a path towards a healthier, more gratifying relationship. Trust that no matter your journey, together, we can revisit and strengthen the attachment bonds that connect, heal, and truly fulfill us.

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Susan Chi, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist in California and New York

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