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Transform Your Life With Expert Success Coaching!

Transform Your Life with Expert Success Coaching In New York!

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Available: Nationwide
Rates: $150-$250, 45 minute sessions. No insurance accepted

Unlock the power of intentionality, gratitude, and values-driven planning with our academic and success coach, Victoria Thompson, MA. Victoria utilizes a blend of scientifically validated learning strategies, innovative organizational and planning techniques, and positive psychology tools to help you understand your needs, define your goals, and execute tailored strategies that lead towards success, step by step. Discover the path to your best life by aligning your ambitions with your core values.

Our success and academic program focuses on assisting people of all ages:

  • High School and College Students, unlock your potential with Victoria by identifying your own unique cognitive learning style. Discover personalized strategies that will help you achieve your immediate objectives as well as pave the way for your long term career goals.

  • Young Adults, work with Victoria to clarify your needs, give yourself permission to explore, and gather your many experiences to create a strong early career foundation. You will gain important skills for success, including how to build meaningful professional relationships, manage sticky social situations, and navigate the complexities of your industry.

  • Professionals and Parents, our program aims to help you excel in your career without sacrificing self-care and special time with loved ones. Victoria will work with you to create a personalized action plan that will help you prioritize goals, make bold decisions, deepen your relationships, and increase your confidence and sense of purpose.

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Victoria Thompson, MA

Success Coach

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