Individual Therapy

Discover Your Path To Inner Peace & Reduced Anxiety

Discover Your Path To Inner Peace: Individual Therapy For New Yorkers

Discover Your Path To Inner Peace: Individual Therapy For Californians

Licensed in: California (PSY33145) & New York (025715)
Rates: $300 per 45 minute sessions. Insurance Info

Everyone deserves a personalized approach to therapy. Dr. Chi creates a nurturing environment for clients to connect with their creativity, strengths, and inherent goodness; from this place of security, she provides guidance and support as you embark on a journey of exploration, dreaming, understanding and acceptance, and profound change. Dr. Chi is a warm, engaging, and compassionate psychologist who specializes in treating depression, anxiety, and trauma. She also trains mental health graduate students from accredited programs to provide trauma-informed therapy that takes into account our clients’ full experience as individuals, including social, cognitive, medical, cultural, and developmental factors.

Are you struggling with inner turmoil? Do spiraling thoughts, feelings of worthlessness, or haunting past experiences keep you in a state of persistent unrest? You don’t have to face these daunting experiences alone. We integrate scientifically validated interventions with holistic practices; learn how your mind-and body work together to make meaning, interpret and process trauma and stress, and heal current and past wounds. Work with us to gradually peel away the layers of distress in your life and regain control of your mental health.

Our practitioners are here to listen, hold space for you, and allow you to feel seen and heard; in this way, you will not accept less from yourself or your other relationships. To us, you’re not a patient; you’re a person. A person deserving of happiness, inner peace, and the freedom to live life unburdened by your struggles. We are here to support you as you dive into a transformative experience of self-discovery and healing.

Empower yourself to live a life beyond the shadow of anxiety, depression, or trauma. Contact us today to embrace a brighter, healthier you.

Meet Your Therapist

Susan Chi, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist in California and New York

Lauren Shapovalova, BA

Graduate Counseling Trainee

Brenna Greene, BA

Graduate Counseling Trainee
*Graduate Counseling Trainees supervised by Dr. Chi

Client & Professional Testimonials

*In accordance with APA Ethical Standard 3.05, testimonials listed on this site are anonymized. Permission was obtained after the clients concluded services. Clients were not reimbursed for their recommendations.


Dr. Chi is an out-of-network provider. However, if you have a PPO insurance plan, we can provide a monthly, detailed billing statement (superbill) that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement of costs.

Cancellation Policy

Scheduled appointments cancelled within 24 hours notice will be billed.